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Handwritten Font Library

Mimicking real brush strokes for a more pleasurable note-taking experience.

When purchasing ELEYANG fonts from Taobao, you'll only acquire the rights for personal use. For commercial purposes, please contact us first.


Handwritten Fonts: Focus of Our Creative.

Life-oriented handwritten fonts are the direction we focus on in our creations.

Fonts in Progress.

Currently, we are collaborating with the renowned photography blogger, Lukeke, to develop a new unique frayed-edge font. Additionally, we have completed the design of four handwriting fonts for note-taking, which will be released soon.


ELEYANG × Lukeke联名手写体

ELEYANG Floating舒服象限体

ELEYANG River侧耳倾听体


ELEYANG influencer学习博主体

What Sets Us Apart.

Unlike other studios that focus solely on formal sans-serif or serif fonts, or vintage calligraphy styles, we prioritize the design of fonts that resonate closely with daily life and exude personal sentiments.
For those passionate about writing and chronicling life, our commitment to craft exceptionally beautiful fonts distinguishes us.

Inspired by daily writing tools like fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoints, or pencils, we encapsulate their distinct charm, creating fonts that emulate everyday handwriting and truly relate to day-to-day experiences.

Our ambition is to create not just a font but a means of articulating a lifestyle through typography. Every stroke, every detail, becomes an intrinsic part of life, adding an unparalleled artistic touch to your life's narrative.


See How Our Genius Friends Use It.

They harness our fonts with unique perspectives, crafting eye-catching masterpieces. Their works not only stand out aesthetically, but also serve as compelling evidence for the commercial and practical value of our fonts.

Creator-Friendly Commercial Licensing Prices.

We deeply understand the needs and budget constraints of creators.

To allow every one of you who loves creating to freely use our fonts, we've specially introduced an enticing commercial licensing price.

For content creators active on platforms like Weibo, bilibili, Xiaohongshu and others, a year-long commercial license is available for ¥99 ($14) only. For those wishing for long-term commercial authorization, a permanent option is provided at ¥199 ($28) – a one-time purchase for lifetime use.

This is not just an investment, but also an expression of your love and dedication to your creation.

ELEYANG Font Library, co-writing life with you.

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