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Introducing our IP characters, BaoBao the cream-colored lamb and PaoPao the brown and white dog. BaoBao is an eternally optimistic lamb, seemingly bursting with endless energy. Unlike other lively and active pups, PaoPao prefers a calm and quiet life, meticulously decorating everything around him.


Around these two IP images, we've crafted 4 sets of multi-functional practical emoticons, encompassing themes from work, daily life, to binge-watching series. Additionally, we've meticulously designed 12 illustrated wallpapers for them. We hope to integrate their cuteness and energy into your devices, bringing more colors and warmth to your life.

Whether you're jotting down notes or appreciating beauty, they're here to co-create infinite heartwarming and joyful tales with you. In this digital age, let BaoBao and PaoPao accompany you, illuminating every moment of your life with their innocence and vitality.

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