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Paperless Lifestyle

Everyone can expand the boundaries of self and life through writing.

Hi, this is ELEYANG, nice to meet you :)

We are a young, passionate and imaginative digital stationery design team. To provide you with more concise, functional, exquisite, and inspirational designs is our persistent goal.

Choosing our products means choosing infinite possibilities: writing reviews, taking study notes, making collages, quoting... Unlimited writing space and freedom maximize your recording pleasure.

We believe that good designs inspire life. We like giving people more than they can imagine. We hope that everyone can expand the boundaries of self and life through writing.


The innovative collaboration marks the convergence of two brands, aiming to deliver exceptional user experience. ELEYANG infuses Noteshelf with a distinctive design language, while Noteshelf offers us a fresh platform to showcase our expertise.

These ten notes are not merely for Noteshelf's promotion in Apple App Store China. They represent ELEYANG's latest interpretation of paperless design aesthetics. The power of creativity and innovation is evident in every detail of our works.

We expect every user to feel the professionalism and passion that ELEYANG and Noteshelf bring to their recording and creation.

Reinvent the Art of Note-Taking

with Noteshelf



“Paperless Note-Creating” Campaign

Freely Create on Your iPad


In this era of rapid information evolution, electronic products are becoming increasingly prevalent, and iPad has emerged as a primary tool for many people to aid learning and improve productivity. ELEYANG, in collaboration with APPSO, has initiated a digital note campaign - "Paperless Note-Creating", extending an open invitation to netizens everywhere for digital notes with no restrictions on styles and apps.


We firmly believe that creativity and inspiration can strike at any moment, often within the ordinary moments of our daily lives. At times, the only barrier to materializing these inspirations is the lack of a proper outlet. We encourage participants to utilize iPad as their creative instrument to capture flashes of inspiration and creativity with a stylus pen, thereby presenting their imaginative realms.


The "Paperless Note-Creating" campaign offers people opportunities to show their ideas and thoughts, enabling their creations to be discovered and acknowledged by a broader audience. This event is not merely an opportunity; it's a commencement. It provides people with the chance to explore a myriad of possibilities and imaginations, empowering people to unleash their creativity and inspiration in the infinite space of artistic expression.


ELEYANG Original Program

Color Schemes and Product Display

Feed Your Inspiration

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