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iPad+Apple Pencil=❔

In March 2021, we were invited by AppSo to co-organize a call for entries of outstanding digital notes: Paperless Drawing Notes.

The campaign targeted young people, mainly students, using iPad to take notes as the main scenario, and sent out invitations to the entire network for free creation in any style with any note-taking app like GoodNotes and Notability.

Mar - Apr

To provide participants with more inspiration, we've customized a set of planning templates for this event based on the iPad Air's color scheme. This set includes a material book, stickers, tapes, and a calendar.


We have broadly classified electronic notes into four categories based on their usage and distinct attributes:

  • Study Notes

  • Reading & Film Journal

  • Daily/Weekly Journal

  • ​Planner

Submissions and selections for this event were based on these four categories. Within just a month, we received over 400 note entries.

By mid-April, a comprehensive review of the event led to the selection of 36 award-winning entries. The authors of these notes were presented with Apple-related products as prizes.


In June, at the Juanzong Bookstore, the first architectural bookstore located by the sea at the Aranya Art Center in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, the offline exhibition of "Paperless Sketch Notes" was officially launched.

Not only did this exhibition display all the works submitted to the event page, but it also invited numerous tech bloggers and some contest winners to the venue to share the endless colors of life with everyone.

Within the looping videos and images, we observed 36 different perspectives and stories about life.

In "Study Notes", some have incorporated vivid illustrations into their postgraduate exam notes, eliminating the need to carry bulky textbooks; others have drawn intricate anatomical diagrams, obtaining a clear grasp of the intricacies behind medicine; yet others have vividly documented the content of their sustainable fashion research courses, finding a potent tool to fuel their professional studies...

Under "Schedule Planning", some have noted down the precious daily minutiae of their lives, from what they wear and eat to where they live and travel; others have captured the happy and touching memories of each month; some have summarized their year's experiences by organizing photo albums...

In the "Books, Films, and Audio Journals", some have turned their private notes on ancient books into "e-books"; others have used age-old and mysterious tales to chronicle human history; some have noted down the movie scenes and dialogues that profoundly moved them...

Within the "Life Journals", some have turned a journey into a vivid check-in map; others have sketched their daily outfits, sensing their evolving styles; some have compiled a delicious tutorial on how to make a thick omelette roll...

Subsequently, the event also showcased exemplary works in over 400 Apple authorized specialty stores nationwide, bringing the "paperless lifestyle" to an even broader audience.

We hope that more people will come to appreciate the wonders of digital tools and also explore the new possibilities of a paperless lifestyle.

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